About Us

Formed by Dt. Bulent Oranlıer Marmara Mouth and Dental Care Polyclinic has been serving with its expert staff at Kuyubasi, Kadikoy, Turkey since 2007.

Within the policlinic, two full time dentists, one orthodontist, and a Periodontist, a Pedodontist, mouth and jaw surgeon also ready for your service.


  • As the Marmara Dentists Team we care about the 100 % satisfaction of the customers. And we plan our treatments with this principle.
  • Most qualified treatment can be achieved with evaluation of the mouth and tooth all together. Treatment plan can’t focus on the removing the symptoms of the disease. Symptoms will be eliminated for sure but the main aim of the treatment is to ensure fully health mouth and dental status.
  • In our clinic, every treatment is being applied by expert dentists with care.
  • Marmara Dentists Team represents the new age of the dentistry. In our clinic standards of the European Union has been accepted and applied. Routine briefings are performed for our staff to stay up to date.
  • Professional boutique service is what we are offering with your sympathy and smiling attitude to the patients from all ages.

Your Panoramic Dental Radiograph is Enough for Us

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