Frequently Asked Questions

When the children need to start brushing their teeth?

Teeth care starts with the first toot. First incisions of the babies need to be cleaned with sterile gauze bandage to prevent plaque accumulation. After the first age, kids should be encouraged to get used to tooth brushing. For example, brushing teeth can be used without the toothpaste. Most important rule here is to brushing process needs to be operated by parents in these younger ages.

How to get used to Teeth Brushing?

If parents pay the required attention for their children oral hygiene. They can create the perception and transfer the idea of how important the teeth brushing are. That’s why parents are really important while getting used to the brushing. The main idea is to make children gain the habit of daily teeth brushing as soon as possible.

Important steps while choosing toothpaste for our children.

Splitting reflex is not completely functional in kids, that why toothpastes without fluorine content is recommended. If you are certain about your kid is not swallowing the toothpaste and can split the toothpaste residues while brushing teeth, there are no limitations to use toothpastes with fluoride content.

Why do the gums are bleeding while brushing?

Too much pressure and gum inflammation symptoms can be listed as the reasons of the gum bleeding while brushing the teeth. If the patients are trying to avoid the ensuring their oral care due to the bleeding, this only will make the case worse.

How to ensure a perfect oral hygiene during the pregnancy?

Shifting levels of hormones during the pregnancy affect the gum and the environmental tissues either. Controlling and preventing the bacterial plaque, daily brushing, and flossing with extra precautions is really important. Gum diseases which are occurred and maybe even treated before the pregnancy might occur stronger all over again. 

Food with high sugar contents, acid corrosion due to throw –ups is the others reasons for drawing attention to the dental health during pregnancy.

Between the 3-6 months of pregnancy dental applications can be made easily, but the first and last three months has some limitations. Additionally, x-ray radiography is something we don’t want to use during pregnancy due to possible side effects, some of the dental applications needs to be postponed. If there is a plan to be pregnant, full dental check need to be made before having any limitations.

Does tooth whitening has side effects and does it hurt the enamel?

Tooth whitening has no harmful effects on the tooth or the enamel if it’s planned, controlled and applied by a dentist, using the right technique.

Application process might lead patient to have sensitivity but this is temporarily and will be full recovered after treatment.

As Marmara Dental Team, we will examine your teeth and will achieve 2-3 shades of whitening using the right technique.

Does tartar cleaning applications are enough for whiter teeth?

Tartar cleaning applications only removes the stains and colors made by cigarette, tea, coffee. If the individuals want to have whiter teeth, this can only be achieved with bleaching applications.

Does tartar cleaning have harmful effects on the teeth?

Tartar cleaning is the ultrasonic removal of the unwanted tartar layer and stains on the teeth. If they are not removed, problems will be occurred such as gum recession and bad breath. However, this process can’t be repeated too often. As Marmara Dental Team we recommend at least 6 months between dental checks to evaluate the tartar cleaning requirement.

Does wisdom teeth should be removed?

If the wisdom teeth is causing problem such as pain and jamming the tooth around, if they can’t properly advance out of the gum, they needs to be removed.

What to do if there are broken dislocated tooth and/or bleeding at gums and lips after trauma?

If possible broken parts of tooth need to be held in case of any help to the treatment. If the bleeding occurs, pressure with gauze can help to stop bleeding. Dislocated or popped tooth has to be stored in saline or warm milk and go to the dentist immediately after. This can significantly help the success ratio of recovery phase. Patients also can try to pop it back with light movements without forcing too much if the teeth have been popped out.

What are the important steps which require consideration after tooth extraction?

After the extraction, gauze pad needs to be strongly bitten for 30-60 minutes. This will stop the bleeding and allow thrombosis to occur. If you change the gauze too often bleeding will continue and if the blood clot is removed accidently with lack of caution, it starts a painful process.

After the extraction lightly bleeding like leaking is perfectly normal. Don’t change the gauze too often, don’t wash your mouth or spit too much and cause more bleeding.

For 24 hours after extraction, please do not consume tobacco or alcohol.

Don’t use aspirin as a painkiller because it will dilute the blood, other painkillers can be used.

Extractions with complications and surgical removals can be the reason for the swellings and edema. First 48 hours with cold compress and pressure will decrease the bleeding and swelling. Eating or drinking hot might increase the bleeding.

Does implant treatment is appropriate for everyone?

Before starting implant treatment, Bone Amount and Bone Mineral Density has to be completed. For any patient with adequate results might be appropriate for implant treatment. Implant treatment can be applied if the patients are suffering from diabetes and high levels of blood pressure if they are using their medicines as required. This method is suitable for every age, from one tooth loss to complete teeth loss.

I’m a smoker, can I still get implant treatment

Recent studies indicate that the smoking prevents the implant to be integrated into jawbone. If the patient is smoking ratio of implant failure is 2-3 times higher than normal.

What are laminate porcelains?

It is the process of eroding the tooth without cutting. With a minimal intervention, healthy and natural appearance is possible with this technique in short period of time.

Overcoming Dental Fear and Anxiety

Even though all dental applications are proceeding without causing any pain, there is a gratuitous fear for dental applications. Dental Fear and Anxiety can be solved with the friendly and understanding approach of the dentist. However, there is always another option. If the patient wants, most of the dental treatments can be applied under influence of general anesthesia or sedation.

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