Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy period is very important because soon you will have a new baby. And there is an undeniable truth about your oral health is going be affected by the changes during the pregnancy. Unstable and increased levels of progesterone and estrogen in blood during the pregnancy will have bad influence on the teeth and gums such as bleeding and inflammations eventually.

That’s why, oral hygiene and care is more important for the pregnant individuals.

Before the birth, baby supplies the calcium requirement from the bones of the mother, not from the teeth. But decayed and unhealthy tooth, gum diseases are the factors which are increasing the risk of premature birth or miscarriage. That’s why during the pregnancy, it’s really important to see a doctors constantly for checks and run a healthy diet.

Does pregnancy lead women to the tooth loss?

Babies are not consuming the calcium from teeth of the mother, that’s why only reason for the possible dental problems for the mother can be oriented from the changing levels of hormones. There are several reasons for the tooth problems during the pregnancy period.

During the pregnancy, unstable levels of the hormones lead the mother to eat food with more sugar content in it. This increases the risk of tooth to decay. Also stomach acid during increased amount of throw ups can be a threat of acid corrosion.

Why does gums are bleeding during the pregnancy?

During the pregnancy, lots of changes happen inside the woman’s body.  Increased levels of progesterone and estrogen affect the gums and make them more vulnerable to the problems. In some of the women, Pregnancy Gingivitis is observed. This is a gum inflammation disease and its symptoms are swellings and rash visually on the gum and can form tumors on the gum if not treated. During the pregnancy permanent solutions for those problems are not practically applicable. Temporarily solutions are being applied until the birth and then these problems absolutely need to be treated after pregnancy.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

It can be seen during the whole pregnancy, but in most cases it begins to be noticeable between 2-3 months. At the last months of pregnancy these problems starts to be a visible and creates very uncomfortable situation. If the inflammation is involved, this can lead to more serious problems.

When should visit Dentists during the pregnancy?

If an individual trying to get pregnant or have doubts to be pregnant needs to visit dentist as soon as possible for cleanings and controls before the pregnancy limits the scale of available treatments for this person. With early examinations any possible problems might be visible during the pregnancy can be prevented much earlier without doing any damage. During the whole pregnancy, individuals needs to visit dentist and controlled dental problems. But during the pregnancy dentist sessions needs to be short as soon as possible.

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