Gum Treatments

Diseases which are affect the gums and the supportive tissue around them named by Periodontal Diseases term.

Gum diseases are insidious diseases and most of the time they are not easily detectable.

Bleeding in the gums are most significant symptoms of this problem. Therefore, individual needs to pay attention if they have their gums are bleeding and immediately consult a specialized dentist.

How can Periodontal Diseases are being treated at the clinic?

Evaluations after regular radiographic checks and mouth examinations and as the most important way, measurements with related hand tools at dentist are how these kinds of diseases are being diagnosed.


  • Red, swelled, bleeding gums after pressure or even touching
  • Separation of the tooth and gum
  • Bad breath
  • Inflammation between tooth and the gum
  • Separation of the teeth and shaking
  • Shifted closing movement of teeth after biting
  • Disorders of the mobile prosthesis in mouth

With the presence of ultrasonic devices and various surgical items, successful treatment of the gum diseases is possible without pain.

In which cases, gum esthetics needs to be applied?

Every tooth has its own place and there is a standard formation of the teeth on the gum level. If there is any problem occurs in this standard formation, mouth esthetic might be heavily influenced.

Gummy smile problem while smiling and talking is not something desired.

With the latest innovations, there problems can be removed in one séance without any bleeding or stiches.

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