Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

1- Recessed Dental Surgery:

Wisdom tooth is the biggest molar tooth and placed on the most behind position on the jaw. Wisdom tooth is the last growing ones in human’s life. They are growing between the ages of 18-24. Most of the time there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth in mount. Because of that, in most cases wisdom teeth are being recessed. Having this kind of tooth will cause pain around, ear pain, limited ability to open mouth.

Additionally, in some of the cases cysts or vesicles might form due to the situation or they might be a reason for decayed incisors. Due to their hidden position in the mouth, most of the time wisdom tooth can’t be brushed well enough and be the reason for inflammation of the gums. Wisdom tooth is also painful while growing and takes long time to complete the growing process. Owing to negative effects of the wisdom tooth, they need to be removed in most of the cases. In our clinic before removing the tooth, with the help of the radiologic x-ray determines the exact place of the tooth firstly.

2- Cyst Operations

In your mouth or on your jaw there is a possibility for the cysts to grow related or regardless of your tooth. These cysts melt your jawbone in time and causes to material loss and eventually functional disorders in your jaw.

Without the required treatment, cysts will grow clinically and they will be reason for the broken bone, esthetic and functional disorders.

They are not being noticed most of the time by the patient until they reach excessive sizes. That’s why taking panoramic x-ray radiographs on the regular checks at dentist are really important.

Jaw cysts needs to be removed by mouth and jaw surgeons even though their size and position and requirements for different treatments.

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