Oral Hygiene Tourism

Don’t let your teeth to waste your money. Vacation and dental treatment at the same time.

After the global crisis in the world, citizens of the European Countries are choosing the other countries for dental treatments at same levels of quality but with low cost. Dentists of the Turkey have been known around the world with their high ratio of successful treatments and the significantly low costs of the treatments. You have lots of reasons to choose Turkey for dental treatments. You can find much cheaper clothes, shoes and you can get dental treatment from our clinic with the best quality and with lowest prices. Marmara Mouth and Dental Care Polyclinic has been served to lots of patients from all over the Europe. If you send your panoramic x-ray to us from the x-ray sending section on this site, we can share the information about the type, period and price of the treatment.

Health tourism can be categorized into 3 headlights.

  1. Medical Tourism (For the treatments and surgeries at the hospitals)
  2. Thermal Tourism (In Thermal facilities for rehabilitation and resting)
  3. Old and Disabled Tourism (Geriatric treatment centers)

Main Reasons of the Health Tourism

1. Not being able to find high tech health care and professional human resources in the home country
2. Alacrity to travel while getting the required treatment
3. High costs of the medical health care in the native country
4. Urge to get more qualified treatment
5. For a reason, desire to hide the operation in the native countryDiş Turizmi

6. Not being able to find thermal facilities due to geographical reasons in the hometown
7. Desire to try another atmosphere to be treated, especially for the chronical cases, old and disabled persons
8. Desire to be in different place
9. Desire to be alive and to hold on


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