Pedodontic dentistry is responsible for the healthy development and protection of the both deciduous and permanent teeth. It is also called as ‘Children Dentistry’. In the latest years, researches about the frequency of the decayed tooth indicates that the %90 of the patients were diagnosed for having a decayed deciduous (2-6 ages) and random teeth (7-12 ages). Therefore, parents need to pay attention for the dental health of their children and take precautions to prevent teeth from decaying. World Health Organization (WHO) and American Pediatric Dental Association suggest that the regular dentist checks should start after the first tooth (estimate 6-12 months).

What are the Pedodontic treatment applications?

  • Fluoride Applications
  • Fissure Sealant Applications
  • Placeholder Applications
  • Organizing an eating habit

Do deciduous teeth need to be treated?

Deciduous teeth are important and needs to be treated just like the permanent teeth. If you disregard the problems at the deciduous tooth phase, problems might lead to the crooked teeth formation, jaw problems, and other general health problems.

First examination of the kids starts from creating an open a clear communication with the kid and his/her parents. After acquaintance period, medical and dental history of the patient needs to be shared and right after clinical examination starts.

After this point diagnosis of the problem and the future plans for the treatment is being shared with the patient and related family members.

Information on this website does not stand as a diagnosis or medical examination.

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