Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry

Especially in the Periodontics, Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry has mainly focused on preventing the possibility of the diseases which affects the tooth and gums. Therefore, first thing to do is to take children to the dentists for regular follow-ups to accomplish excellent dental health. Because of these regular checks, any possible problems in the mouth, such as crooked tooth formation during baby teeth transition, skeletal abnormalities (e.g. problems oriented by thumb sucking by babies) and other orthodontics problems will be easier to prevent or detect and overcome.

Preventive Dentistry also provides a protection for baby bottle tooth decay and other problems which can be a threat for infants.

With the support of the family, the most important function of the dentist is to inform the infant and make him/ her gain a proper and effective brushing habit.

Fluoride treatment is most efficient and popular treatment method in preventive dentistry. Topical fluoride application can significantly decrease the tendency of tooth decay.

Losing a deciduous tooth due to trauma or tooth decay earlier before a presence of a permanent teeth ready under, a replacement dental space maintainers might be used to hold its place. This will prevent other tooth from migration by filling the gap and the place of the permanent teeth will be protected.

Diastema (gap between two teeth) caused by tooth extraction due to tooth decay and possible traumas consists threat for the permanent teeth. Dental space maintainers can fix these gaps and immobilize the adjacent tooth to prevent any possible problems which might badly affect the eruption of the permanent teeth.

These dental space maintainers can be stable or moving, they are begin applied under the observation of the dentist and should be removed by dentists when eruption of the permanent teeth starts. As its name indicates, those dental space maintainers immobilize the adjacent tooth while holding the place of the lost teeth until permanent teeth erupts. In this way, crooked teeth formation will be prevented. Additionally, dental space maintainers are being produced in the exact sizes of the deciduous teeth and this prevents the related orthodontic problems to emerge in the future

Fissure sealants are being applied for both children and adult patients if the central grove of the teeth is deeper than it should be. Especially at six years old, groves of the first big permanent molar tooth being coated by fluent material which is less opaque than normal teeth color. Increased opaque tones means the filling has lost its integrity and has to be replaced, and this colorimetric awareness is important to be detected by family and dentists.

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