Prostheses, which are named by coating or artificial dentures in public, are the prosthodontics to resolve the problems such as esthetical disorders due to tooth loss related various reasons in order to recover abilities of patients such as chewing and talking.

Teeth are one of the most important headliner when it comes to digesting the food. Like every other organ in human body, teeth are being frayed out during years.

If teeth loss is inevitable, prostheses will be needed to recover from the problem. The main purpose of this treatment is to bring back the lost functions, esthetic, and talking disorders which are the serious conclusions of teeth loss.

Prostheses treatments not only have benefits for nutrition and general health, but also have benefits for the social life. For example, an individual whom has to live with a missing or a wrecked tooth will have more self-confidence, healthier physiological condition after the treatment.

Different prosthesis types can be used to treat different cases related the treatment of the tooth loss. Those are: Total Prosthesis, Stable Prosthesis, and Moving Prosthesis.

In our clinic, our specialized dentists are aiming to act according to patients needs and demands as a first step of the examination and treatment.

Therefore, Q and A session and the panoramic x-ray application in included to the preliminary interview.

Our dentists will help you prefer the most suitable prosthesis after evaluating your jaw type, age and demands at the preliminary interview.

Treatment process will be quite easy and in a systematic way.

Rest will be processed at the laboratory after the required measurements. According to your tooth, palate and gum proportions, after a meticulous work, your Prostheses will be ready in the similar color and shade to the rest of your teeth.

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