Root Canal Operation

Root Canal Operations

If the living tissue at the root canals of the tooth or the dental pulp has been suppurated root canal operation is required. Successful root canal operation prevents the further diseases which creates obligations for tooth to be removed.

What happens if root canal operation is not applied to where it’s required?

As the decaying on the tooth getting worse, it eventually kills the pulp and there is not natural regeneration is available after that point. Afterwards tooth will be no longer alive and infection starts to spread the whole tooth. Without the required treatment, infection will spread and reach to the root apex and starts to damage tissues.

How to determine if the tooth is infected?

Pain and sensivity while drinking hot or cold beverages and excessive levels of coloring in the teeth might be the symptoms of the problem. In this case, root canal operation can prevent teeth from being removed and after the treatment tooth can be used for many years.

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