Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Due to various reasons such as smoking, excessive consumption of tea, coffee or coke, tooth can lose their original color, and teeth whitening are a process for bleaching the teeth in several shades with special medicine. Moreover, stains might be observed on tooth due to aged fillings or prosthesis and coatings, antibiotics (tetracycline) or excessive consumption of fluoride. To treat this kind of problem specialized dentist at clinic applies a bleaching medicine to the target area and while light also applies to target are for period of time. 2-4 shades of bleaching are being observed after this treatment.


Second method is home bleaching which can be applied at home. Right after the office bleaching process, dentists measure the size of mouth and prepare a mold. Patient uses this personalized mold to apply the bleaching agent for the recommended period of time. This recommendation can only be made by the specialized dentist.


In this method little amount of special gel is being used. However, regardless of the chemical bleaching, this method includes the application of the highly energized beam as a difference.

Source of a beam might be a serial LED or diode-laser. This process only is made by the observation of the specialized dentist.

In laser bleaching, it is possible to get better results in less periods of time.

Who can get the bleaching treatment?

Almost everyone! But there are some special conditions in which treatment will be ineffective.

First of all, a full scan of the mouth and diagnosis will determine the sufficiency of the tooth for this treatment.

If the tooth is health, bleaching is ideal solution for the more white and natural smile.

Bleaching has no harmful effects on the tooth if applied by dentists.

Information on this website does not stand as a diagnosis or medical examination.

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